Wheel Spinner - Random Picker

Need help deciding? Wheel Spinner – Random Picker is here to save the day! Decide what to eat, what to do and where to go – in a matter of seconds. Use the customizable spinning wheel to make decisions of any kind! Just think of all your options, create your own wheel spinner and let the “random chooser” decide! It’s a “wheel of fortune” perfect for everyday situations when you are being indecisive. Choose randomly and stop wasting your time trying to make the perfect choice! Install the “decision roulette” and fate will do the hard work for you. Try out the random wheel generator and decide now! Have fun creating your own wheel of decision, use the random roulette for all your doubts and dilemmas!

How to use Wheel Spinner – Random Picker:

Tap “lists” and create a new list or choose a predefined list with already set options
Pick the number of options
Enter your options
You can rename and edit your list anytime
Save & select
Spin the wheel!
Tap “spinner” to use the previously selected list
Tap “reset settings” to reset the spinner to factory settings
Turn sounds on/off
Have fun!