Dice Thrower & Coin Flipper

Try your luck and get a random result every time with Dice Thrower & Coin Flipper! Can’t find your dice? The intuitive “dice roller” interface is your go-to dice app for board games ! “Roll the dice” for the most authentic virtual dice experience – realistic sound effects included. Having trouble making a decision? We’ve got you covered! The simple “coin flipper” app can make all the tough decisions for you, in just a few taps. Heads or tails? The fun “decision maker” will quickly put you out of misery, just “toss a coin” and let destiny do the rest. Bonus coin flip tip – if you feel relieved at the result, it is what you wanted anyway, and if not…. Do another coin toss! ☺️

How to use Dice Thrower:

– Tap settings and choose up to 6 dice
– Pick the number of throws
– Turn sounds off/on
– Throw dice!
– Press the reset button to start over

How to use Coin Flipper:

– You can toss a coin and wait for it to stop automatically
– Stop it yourself by tapping on the coin or pressing the stop button
Simplify everyday decisions!