Balloon Pop It - Color Connect

The colorful balloons are up in the sky! Be quick to burst all the flying balloons! Tap tap tap! Install Balloon Pop It – Color Connect and play the best balloon crusher games! You have 2 game modes – pop and connect. Try not to pop the spiky ball balloon or you lose a life. “Match balloons” of the same color and watch out for the infamous thorn balloon. This casual game is great for stress relief, it’s the coolest of waiting in line games and it’s suitable for all ages. Challenging and relaxing at the same time. Match color balls, focus and have tons of fun! Pop all the balloons and connect bubbles of the same color! The newest “balloon popping game” is perfect for players of all ages! If you like playing ball tapping games, you’ll love this anti stress toy! It’s a balloon shooter game with colorful graphics and amazing balloon popping sound effects! Hurry up and pop all the bubbles! A “matching game” to relax your mind! Get the best balloon blast game and your “balloon pop” adventure can start.

How to play Balloon Pop It – Color Connect:

2 game modes:
* POP *
Tap to pop as many balloons as you can!
Beautiful HD graphics!
Avoid thorn balloons because you will lose a life!
You pass to the next level when the experience points bar reaches its maximum!